Jane Holloway, Co-owner, Modoc County Record, 4/2/24

Thank you, Kevin! Rick and I are very relieved and happy with the sale of the newspaper. Your guidance was spot-on and we could not have sealed the deal without you. Thank you and take good care!

Jane Holloway
Alturas, California

Steve Fowle, Editor/ Publisher 1/15/24

Dear Kevin, I received your Certificate of Appraisal today. Thank you very much. The valuation you arrived at is nearly double the figure I had guessed at — so, happy news! Far more importantly to me—as I can see you understand, even from a brief first reading—you have been to perceive the non-monetary value of the paper. I am grateful for the suggestions you included. I will be considering them, and discussing the possibilities with the rest of the team. As I’m sure you are aware, there are a number of organizations exploring different ways to help newspapers survive. I feel certain this Appraisal will provide a helpful background for any discussions. On a more personal level, let me say that as a bit of an outlier in the field of journalism, I’m not immune to moments of doubt. Having what I consider a ringing endorsement from the nation’s preeminent evaluator of newspapers means a great deal to me. Lastly, I’ve truly enjoyed our conversations. If you’re ever up this way, I hope we might get together. Best wishes,

Steve Fowle Editor, The New Hampshire Gazette The Nation’s Oldest Newspaper™

Rebecca Lawyer, GM/Owner, The Bourbon County Citizen, 8/26/23

Mr. Kamen,

Your positive appraisal of our family-owned newspaper here in Paris, Kentucky, is both empowering and encouraging. The appraisal document not only assessed our news product financially it shared the importance the newspaper plays in this community today and since its beginnings in 1808. But even more interesting to me, was a section in the appraisal that offered advice for advancement in areas in which the paper could improve. The list included insights from an obviously younger set and through an “outsider’s” view. Whether sold or not, the list of ideas are attainable projects and have been shared with the staff for possible implementation. We can never become stagnant in our lives or in our businesses. Thank you for all your help, advice, and …even empathy. I know you’ve assessed multi-million-dollar businesses, but I feel you have treated me and this weekly newspaper no differently.

Becca Lawyer

The Bourbon County Citizen, Kentucky

Monica Hunter-Hart, Forbes, 8/15/23

This is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for your assistance, Kevin. We really appreciate your generosity now and over the years!
Thanks again and have a great week!
Monica Hunter-Hart
Forbes reporter

Jemima McEvoy, Forbes, 8/7/23


You’re amazing. Thank you so much for your help with the calculations and forecast.

Jemima McEvoy

Wealth Reporter, Forbes

Jackie Taylor, Linn County News, 6/12/23


I want to thank you for the awesome appraisal and review of the Linn County News in Kansas.

I appreciated the candid overview of the paper; some things I was aware of and knew we needed to look at, but other things were new to me.

I especially appreciated the ideas for increased revenue. We have begun some of the preliminary items necessary to become digital, but many of your ideas will greatly add to the value of the paper if someone can implement them. We have done a good job with our weekly newspaper, but need lots of advice for the digital end. 

Just loved the easy format you put the appraisal together in, complete with graphics. It was easy to follow and concise.

I’ve enjoyed working with you and want to thank you and your staff for a job well done.

Jackie Taylor, Publisher/CEO

Linn County New, Kansas

Lynn Telleen, The Draft Horse Journal, Publisher, 3/7/2023

Of the many services offered by Kamen & Company–from valuations to brokering to labor negotiations–you won’t see coaching, mentoring, counseling, or being a friend listed … but that is exactly what Kevin Kamen became to us. Throughout the inevitable highs and the lows of offering our business for sale, he was in our corner each and every step of the way. He kept us up to speed, was always available and demonstrated genuine commitment throughout. No question, he knows and understands the business side of things, but what became evident to us is that Kevin Kamen understands what’s truly important. He cares about people.

Kenneth Krych, Properties Magazine 4/26/22

If you are an individual or group publisher serious about selling your company I can highly recommend Kevin Kamen.
Save yourself a lot of time by choosing a true expert in this field who has over forty years of experience to make that happen.
Kevin and his staff take their responsibilities seriously and are masterful at finding the right match that provides a win-win scenario for both parties.
He is savvy, resourceful, thinks outside the box and is a tough but fair negotiator. Kevin is a serious business man that gets the job done but will also most likely end up being a  true friend as well. 
 If you have not gotten results from others or are looking for the right person as your first time out do not hesitate… contact Kevin.  You are in the best hands!  

Kenneth C. Krych Publisher, CEO & President Properties Magazine Inc.

Stuart R Weiss, Wake Living 3/30/22


I want to thank you for your efforts. You accomplished in 4 months what the local brokers couldn’t accomplish in 4 years.

You represented me very professionally and brought me quality potential buyers who were in the industry and had the resources to close the deal in a timely fashion.

You negotiated hard on my behalf in a manner that didn’t put the buyer off. You responded to my questions quickly and educated me in all aspects of the process. I felt you always ‘had my back’ and I would recommend you to anyone.


Stuart R Weiss

Raleigh, North Carolina Wake Living

A. Mark Smith, President/CEO 10/8/21

Kevin –

Congratulations – you have helped many people over the years.


Smith Communications, Inc. 

Tecla Murphy, Publisher 4/15/21


Thanks so much for working so long and tirelessly in getting this transaction thru. Your professionalism and attention to detail came shining thru! Thanks for hanging in and bringing the sale to a successful close.

Mazel tov,


William Brod, President/CEO 3/17/21


Congratulations on 42 years running your company. You are the best at what you do.

Bill Brod

Deniz Cam, Wealth Reporter/ Forbes, Istanbul 11/5/20

Thank you so much, Kevin. I really appreciate your feedback and professional guidance with the valuation work.



Haley Cuccinello, Wealth Reporter/ Forbes, NYC 11/3/20

Hi Kevin,

We are bringing back America’s richest families list. I really appreciate all your help with figuring out the current valuations, as always!


Mark Smith, President/CEO  11/5/20

I looked over your appraisal. It was well done. Appreciate your help.

Thanks – Mark

Smith Communications, Inc / Georgia

Charlie Richie Jr., Associate Publisher 10/2/19

I’m the Associate Publisher for the Backwoodsman Magazine, we’re a family owned Texas and New Mexico based nationally distributed title and after being in existence for 40 years, we were ready to see what our publication was worth and prepare it for prospective buyers. It was a daunting challenge to take that first step, but Kevin Kamen and his incredible staff were with us from the very beginning answering our questions with kindness and understanding that helped make us feel confident that we were making the right decision and headed in the right direction. The finished appraisal was thorough and their attention to every detail was very evident after reading the report. I highly recommend using Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC if you are looking to have your publication financially appraised.

Charlie Richie, Jr.

Rick and Jane Holloway, Editor/Publisher


Dear Mr. Kamen,

Working with your company on an appraisal for our California newspaper was refreshing, honest and very productive. We appreciated the fact that you considered our weekly newspaper worthy of your staff’s time and effort, not so with some other companies we encountered. There was the personal connection that gave us confidence in the end result. Your acumen and understanding of our family business is reflected in the indepth and comprehensive appraisal report and suggestions your team shared with us. It was a wonderful experience working with you and we couldn’t be happier that we chose Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC.

Rick and Jane Holloway

Will Yakowicz, FORBES MEDIA (WEALTH REPORTER)  7/11/19

Thank you, Kevin. The information you shared with me is very helpful. I really appreciate your help.


All you need to know about Kamen & Co. Group Services – Oct. 4, 2018

Dear Kevin (Kamen & Co. Group Services),

Although you represented the sellers in this deal, I want to thank you, Kevin Kamen, for all that you did in brokering the sale of The Wave newspaper of the Rockaways in Queens, N.Y., to my family and me. Your leadership, negotiating skill-set and knowledge of the business, market and industry served as a most valuable tool throughout the entire process. When negotiations hit a bit of a snag you were able to masterfully get the two sides together to compromise. As the buyer of this wonderful legacy newspaper, The Wave of Rockaways, I want to personally thank you for everything you did to make the sale happen. You were always professional, reasonable and did a great job!

Walter H. Sanchez
Queens Ledger News Group, NY

Madeline Berg, FORBES REPORTER, Wealth Team 8/10/18

Hi Kevin,
Thanks so much for your time with the magazine and newspaper comps and also for advising me with your professional expert opinion on everything today.


Jasmine Teng, FORBES MEDIA REPORTER, 7/9/18

Hi Kevin,
Thank you so much for your help. We at FORBES really appreciate it.


Kimberly Taylor, Publisher/CEO 6/28/18

Congratulations on being selected by FORBES reporters to financially value media tycoons for their annual directory. They obviously know excellence when they see it!!

L. Taj, President/CEO 6/28/18

What an honor Kevin and another feather in your hat that Forbes staffers are using your financial expertise four straight years; quite telling!

Carol L. Anderson, Publisher 8/10/17

Dear Kevin,

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you the other day… I really appreciate the fact that you responded to my inquiry immediately, took the time to talk to me with heart, and then sent me your requirements for creating the appraisal. You are obviously a thorough, considerate, intelligent and talented professional.

Again, I had an immediate rapport with you, and thank you.

Best regards,

Timothy Rhys, Publisher 4/11/17


Re: magazine appraisals, you are the man!

Let’s keep in touch!


Jennifer Wong (Forbes Reporter) 7/28/16

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for your analysis! I very much appreciate it.


Mark Gebbie, Publisher 7/2/16


Good work. I know the business is a tough sell but at least I feel that you’re working it. Have a happy holiday!


Joan Hall, Chief Editor 6/18/16

Thanks very much, Kevin. The valuation report arrived today. I appreciate your help, and it has been good to work with you and your team.

Best wishes,

Jacob Baker, (Multiview) 8/11/15

I appreciate your professionalism in giving me a heads up. We’ll talk on Thursday.
Best Regards,

Delores Blount, Publisher 1/29/15

I just wanted to take a minute to say how impressive the Certificate of Appraisal you did for our publication is. Your interpretation of our business was dead on. The details and suggestions you included will prove to be very helpful. I look forward to working with you throughout this process.
Thanks so much,

Cindy Jo Tooley-Harrison, Associate Publisher 1/22/15

I received our complete and professional appraisal. Being the third generation publisher of our family company, I could not have described my family business any more accurately. You really did make me feel like you knew how we as a family feel about our company. The appraisal was even heartfelt. Thank you again.

Cindy Jo Tooley-Harrison
The Herald Publishing Group

Mitchell Chernow, Publisher 11/3/14

I looked up the word “professional” in the dictionary. There was a photo of Kevin Kamen. Definition said…INTEGRITY; HONESTY; TRUST; HARD WORKING; CREATIVE; HELLUVA NICE GUY!

Paul Tash, CEO 8/1/14

(Mr. Tash is Chairman of the Pulitzer Board & Chairman/CEO of the Tampa Bay Times)

Kevin Kamen works relentlessly. Whenever he speaks about the publishing business or companies, I pay close attention.

Gypsy C. Gallardo, Publisher 7/30/14

Kevin Kamen is one of the world’s best known and most prolific brokers of media properties and companies.

Daniel S. Janik, MD, Publisher 3/18/14

Aloha Kevin,

In the complex world of publisher appraising, brokering and management advisory, Kamen & Co. stands head and shoulders above the rest. We have come to trust and rely on Kamen & Co. to help us grow and manage our publishing company.

Jamie Parlier, Asst. to President 2/28/14

Hi Kevin,

You have been nothing but a pleasure to work with and we have greatly appreciated your proficiency during this process. Thanks again for all your time.

Brian Columbus, Publisher 8/20/13

We’ve closed on the sale of Atlantic Flyer. Thanks for your help in negotiating the sale with me and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Tony Taylor, Publisher 5/16/13


Thanks for your time. You are really wonderful to work with.

Thanks again,


Gypsy C. Gallardo, Publisher 1/17/13

Meeting with you yesterday for lunch in Tampa was not only enjoyable but inspiring as well! You are truly a master in the media trade and it’s my privilege to know you.


Yvonne B. Mejia, Publisher 12/4/12

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and truly appreciate the help you have given me. I would love to give you a glowing referral. Thank you, Kevin.


Sandy Porter, Publisher 5/1/12

From the start, we felt very comfortable putting the sale of our business in the Kamen Group’s hands. Our trust was justified and confirmed as we were never left “out of the loop,” knowing where we
stood at all times. We are grateful that we were represented fairly and were matched with a buyer for our publication during this economically challenging time. Thank you, Kevin.

Sandy Porter

John Larkin, Publisher 4/19/12

Hi Kevin,

With thanks for your dedication to marketing our publishing business from Israel and London to prospective buyers worldwide. It has been a pleasure working with you from the first phone call and your on-going positive attention to our magazine sale. We certainly enjoyed working with you and hope to do even more business with you in the future. Thanks for finding us a qualified buyer.

Best regards,
John Larkin, Publisher
Jerusalem, Israel

Pam Berns, Publisher 4/19/12

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin B. Kamen of Kamen & Co. Group Services. Kevin and his team have been so diligent in pursuing a buyer for my magazine publishing company. Kevin has stayed on top of every potential buyer and has kept me informed of every possibility. He approaches buyers with a very professional demeanor and I am very proud to be able to work with him. I’m in good hands!

Pam Berns, Publisher

Kathleen F. McNall, Publisher 8/14/11


Thank you for your wise guidance and professionalism in helping us sell our community newspaper. Even though this sale was most likely a small sale for you, as you know it was a huge one for us! You treated us like your most important client; always available to us and engaged in the sale of our valuable asset. Our very best to you.

Kathleen F. McNall

Gary J. McNall

Josh Schneps, Co-Publisher 2/23/11

Hey Kevin,

Kevin Kamen came to us with a deal that was a great fit for our company. He and his staff were there for us from the first call to the day of closing. Over that time we worked closely together building a mutual respect and friendship. I would recommend his services to any publisher.

J. Frank Griffin, Publisher 2/14/11


Thanks for doing a great job selling my newspaper group to a fine family. We worked very well together and I thank you for your hard work.


Bernadette Budd, Publisher 1/6/11

To Kevin,

Thank you so much for your clear thinking advice! Best wishes for the New Year.


Doug Moss, Publisher 12/1/10

Hey Kevin,

Wanted to tell you I really liked the appraisal. Very thorough job; great analysis. It’s a good description of the magazine. Where it’s been and where it needs to go.


Fred Rodgers, Publisher 8/18/10

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your creativity and persistence to get this deal done. We remain very excited about the opportunity and feel we can elevate the magazine to new heights so everyone wins. It’s a really good team with Tim, Jenn and Ian so it should be a good transition as we help them wherever we can. It was good meeting you through this process and I hope to do more deals with you in the future. Thank you, again Kevin.


Chris Schulz, 07/26/10

Dear Kevin,

You are a true professional and I hope that we have the opportunity to do business together. Please keep me on your contact list and let me know about new publishing opportunities. All the best to you.

Rob Wiesenberg, CEO 6/15/10


I want to thank you for your efforts and support throughout this acquisition process.

Best regards,

Andrew Nikou, CEO 6/10/10 (OpenGate Capital; owner of TV Guide)


Thanks for the extended hand. Let’s stay close.


John Larkin, CEO 2/10/10

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for completing the detailed financial valuation report on AI, it contains a lot of good suggestions for our London based worldwide distributed magazine. We appreciate your valuable input and suggestions.

Best regards,
John Larkin

John Paton, CEO 2/8/10 (Newly Appointed CEO of Journal Register Co.)

If I need your help you can be sure I will reach out.

Thanks, John

Jeffrey Wolk, President 2/5/10

We signed the papers! Thanks for the introduction and all your help.

Tom Bell, President and Publisher 8/14/09

Kevin, Congratulations on your award! That is an outstanding award!

Very truly yours,
Tom Bell

Paula Redd Zeman, Publisher 8/14/09

Congratulations on the US Commerce Association’s Award – well deserved and illustrative of continued excellence.


Thomas Koch, Publisher 8/14/09

Hi Kevin: I’m happy to read that the US Commerce Assoc. was able to pick a company which truly deserves to be honored for the excellent work they are doing.


Michael Zimmerman, 8/7/09

Kevin, You’re a man-in-the-know, for sure.

Timothy E. Rhys, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief 8/6/09

Kev, You are without exception the warmest, most personal guy I’ve ever dealt with in a business context and it’s easy to see why you’re so successful. You breed and inspire trust, and that’s a rare, beautiful quality.

Peter Cane, Publisher 7/6/09

Hi Kevin,
Nice to see you’re thriving in these tough times! Hope you’re well and having a great summer.


D. Goldsmith, Publisher 7/2/09

I am very happy with your work. You did a very good job.

Tony Barsamian, Publisher 7/1/09

You are a gentleman and I thank you.


Lowell Blankfort, Publisher 6/30/09

Thank you very much, Kevin. You did a good job helping to sell the two magazines. You found us a solid buyer.

Mark Hausser, President 6/25/09

Kevin: We closed this week on the two magazines, Fingerstyle Guitar and Bassics. Lowell is receiving original signed docs today via fed ex. Thanks again for all your help!

Mark A. Sparks, Sr. 6/11/09

Thank you Kevin. I appreciate all your hard work and effort in this transaction. I look forward to meeting you face-to-face and extending my thanks in person.

Best regards,

Matthew Petersohn, Publisher 1/21/09

Kevin: Thanks for doing such a good job with the appraisal report. It really is well done and describes the four community newspapers and their markets quite effectively. Your people did a terrific job with the financial analysis. Our family has owned and operated these newspapers for nearly 60 years and we appreciate your professional guidance.

Patricia Winkler, 1/8/09

Kevin: I’m so glad for your explanations and perspective. Hope you can make it on Feb 3.

Kirk Grundahl, Publisher 1/3/09

Thanks for working through this magazine sale with us and I know it has been challenging. Much appreciation for your patience, professional guidance and for working so well with us.

Sylvia Weinstein, Publisher 11/1/08

Thank you for your honesty, assistance and friendship. I’m sure we will stay in touch. My sincere thanks.

Brandon Jones, Publisher 10/26/08

I knew you were a gentleman and a man of integrity. I will not forget this.

Patricia Hewitt, Esq. 9/7/08

Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP

Thanks again for your insights and your availability. I do appreciate it.

Timothy E. Rhys, Publisher 9/4/08

Hi, Kevin,
Yes, I received the new valuation. THANK YOU! It’s thorough and professional and represents the value of the magazine considering all the intangibles, which are so important. Thanks again, Kev.

Don O. Carlson, Publisher 9/2/08

You guys did a great job with the appraisal report. It arrived last week. There were a lot of good suggestions in there. It is a, well written financial appraisal of my 44 year old construction magazine. Excellent effort; job well done!

Jennifer Allen 5/22/08

As always, I appreciate your expertise and professionalism in working with us.

James C. Martin, Vice-President/GM 5/13/08

Appraisal report was received today. Many good ideas for increased revenue generation will be helpful. I was very impressed with the quality of the report.

Ron Garant, Publisher 3/18/08

Working with Kamen & Co. on the appraisal and brokerage of our publications has been a great experience. Their attention to detail, work ethic and dedication to their clients has worked out great and is sincerely appreciated by our company.

Robert Carter, President 3/17/08

Kamen & Co. has been a pleasure to work with. I have found them to be a professional’s professional, quick to respond to the customer’s needs, very thorough and extremely knowledgeable of the media industry.

Darin Bunch, Co-Publisher/Partner  2/7/08

Thanks for all your work on our behalf at F+ G Magazine.

Patrick English, President 2/1/08

Absolutely….next time I’m following your advice from the start!

Timothy E. Rhys, Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief  1/24/08

I like your style — professional but with warmth and a sense of humor.

Jeffrey M. Bruss, President 1/11/08

Dear Kevin,
Enclosed you will find copies of the contracts for the purchase of Construction Guide Magazine along with the COLE Publishing, Inc. documents. Thank you for your assistance in our latest acquisition.

Bernadette Budd, Publisher, 12/6/07

Dear Kevin –
Thanks for all your help. The CJ looks awesome! The only changes I ever make to my newspaper are the suggestions that you recommend. Happy Holidays.

George Cole, Publisher, 9/21/07

The information and forms used in the financial appraisal were very professional in appearance. The feedback you gave will be helpful as we move forward. Thank you.

Rick Parsons, Co- Publisher/ Owner, 8/30/07

Hey Kevin,
Great job on the appraisal – very thorough and in my opinion right on the money. Looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

Michael C. Alcamo, President, 8/13/07

Dear Kevin –
Many thanks for the note. I admire your serious and professional approach to the engagement. I’ll look forward to talking with you when I get back from vacation.

Kimberly Hsu Engler, Publisher 7/26/07

Hi Kevin!
I received the appraisal of my national magazine. It was very informative and detailed as you had promised. Thanks!

Anne Schwab, Publisher 7/25/07

Thank you, Kevin for your follow up. It appears that you have given me many suggestions as to how to improve the value of my newspaper and I am anxious to delve into it.
Thanks, Kevin!

Vic Williams, Publisher 6/25/07

Hello Kevin,
I received your appraisal and must say I’m impressed with its candor, honesty and thoroughness. Your crew has put together a fair assessment and I believe the Estimated Value is fair. You’ve also hit the nail on the head regarding our online plans along with many of the other recommendations spelled out so eloquently in your report.

John Colascione, Publisher 6/15/07

Thanks for returning the signed contract so I would have a copy, and so quickly. I’ve always liked the way you do things over there…You’re the best.

Michele Baloh, Publisher 6/5/07

I want to thank you and your staff for the appraisal report. I must say that it was a lot of info. The info within the report was wonderful. There are ideas and suggestions that I will be able to use to help take my publication to the next level. Thanks very much.

Larry Gordon, Publisher 4/10/07

Thanks Kevin for a good job on the financial appraisal.

Mark Bjerke, Publisher 3/21/07

Thanks Kevin. I have been reviewing the appraisal report and it is very informative.

Joe Pellegrino, Publisher 3/21/07

Your staff did a great job with the appraisal Kevin!

John Colascione, Publisher 3/13/07

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the work you did on the appraisal for our on-line publication / website. You did a very good job and the appraisal came out very fair. Thanks again for all of your hard work. It is appreciated more than you know.

Dan Pulcrano, CEO 2/11/07

Thanks for your financial report. I respect your independence and appreciate your staff’s hard work.

David Miller, Publisher 1/14/07

Thanks Kevin and Bill,
I appreciate all your efforts to produce a top quality product.
Thanks again,

Luis Baron, Publisher 1/10/07

Hi Kevin:

Thanks for all your work. The appraisal is full of wonderful ideas and I see where you can help us in developing a strategy for success. You are the best in the industry, not just for the quality of your job performance, but because of your excellent reputation and your friendship. Thanks again for your professional appraisal. We are planning to have another done next year.

Shayn Robinson, VP/Owner, 1/3/07

Dear Celeste,

Kamen & Co. Group Services has provided top notch appraisal and sales service from day one. The level of professionalism and courtesy has been beyond expectations. Every member of the team has been great to work with and very knowledgable.Your firm has gone above and beyond in every capacity. The Improper Magazine appreciates everything your firm has done for us.

Tom Cooney, Publisher, 10/20/06


With regards to the appraisal. I’m very impressed! Not only do you do a complete audit, but your publishing background provides very valuable insight to the business. You also provide some very worthy suggestions for editorial and revenue streams as well. I’m very pleased.

Bonnie Colado, Publisher, 10/14/06

Dear Kevin,

First of all, you did a good job on our behalf and the presentation is impressive. Also, we enjoyed working with you over the last few weeks of compilation. Appreciation to you and your staff.

Ed Lavoie, Publisher, 9/7/06

Dear Kevin,

You did an honest job for my two partners and I in brokering the sale of Coin-op Trader. You were easy to deal with and worked the sale to our best advantage. Thanks for your assistance and hard work.

Marilyn Carter, Business Manager, 4/19/06


Thank you for your hard work and due diligence. YOU are THE BEST! And I WILL shout that from the rooftops anytime!

Robert E. Hazlewood, MD, Publisher 4/7/06

Hello Kevin:

I received the appraisal today. It looks great. I’ve read it completely and thanks for all the suggestions. I’ve already made copies for the management team. I appreciate your professional input.

Wayne Matthews, Publisher 3/15/06

Hello Kevin,

The appraisal is perfect and well prepared. It looks great and thanks for an excellent job!


Sterling S. Bader, Publisher 3/15/06


Congrats on your expansion abroad. Hope your success there matches or exceeds your growth in the U.S.

Gary Slade, Publisher 2/27/06


The appraisal your firm completed for our national title was good and I appreciate you doing it and for being so understanding and easy to work with. You made some good points that we may try to put into place in the near future. I don’t plan on selling anytime soon, but if I do, I’ll give you first crack at updating everything for us prior to selling. You did a great job!

Hilbert Morales, Publisher 2/23/06

Dear Tom,

As promised, here is the address of Kamen Group who may be useful to you in estimating the value of your publication. Sorry…I have no phone numbers at this time, however, these are easily obtained.

James Israel, Publisher 12/15/05


Thank you for your patience and understanding. I should have said before that it was contingent on me talking to the references, which I hadn’t done yet. Anyway, you certainly get rave reviews from people, and they consistently say you are on the level, work hard and get good results. So how can I not use you?

I’ll start getting the materials ready and send them along. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Jerry L. Carter, Publisher, 11/21/05

The comprehensive business appraisal that Kamen and Co. produced for The Hood and Sommervell County Shopping Spot was extremely well presented. It was in-depth, concise, provided a lot of insight and good recommendations. We were very pleased with the overall presentation and appearance of the appraisal report. Kevin Kamen is very experienced and has shown to be very reliable and easy to communicate with.

Elizabeth Claire, Publisher 10/6/05

Dear Kevin,

First, I want to say that it was quite gratifying to read the detailed compliments, extremely well written and sharp. Seems a good sales presentation to a potential buyer, and you have “gotten it right.” The analysis of the potential market in 2005 is on the mark. The list of recommendations had some very good ideas and I can implement the improvement of photos, color, etc. Thank you for the prod! The inclusion of the sequence of editorial content (Pages 23-26) seems appropriate. Thank you for all your time and effort with this valuation report. It felt as though you had seen right to the bottom of my soul.

Keith Robinson, Publisher 9/7/05

The appraisal report and information were very well written and quite informative. You guys did a very good job. It was very interesting and the front page recommendations were great.

J. Talty O’Connor, Publisher 7/19/05

The hard work and expert attention given to our valuation is evidenced by the quality and depth of the report. I am looking forward to implementing the many recommendations and insights it contains. I have also enjoyed the relationships that have developed during our recent publication acquisition handled by Kamen and Company, as well as during the process of developing the evaluation report.

Tom Cannon, Publisher 7/13/05

Hi, Kevin,

Just a note of thanks for your thorough and comprehensive report. You and your team really took the time to get to know our publication in depth and to get a clear vision of its impact and relevance to our readers and our market. Your analysis of our strengths and weaknesses was most helpful and many of your recommendations are being implemented.

Thanks again for your continued support. Tom

Pluria Marshall, Publisher, 7/2/05

I have worked with Kamen and Co. for several years on a number of projects. They have always delivered the highest quality financial analysis in a timely manner. They are well respected in the industry with knowledge of many different types of publications. Kevin Kamen and his company, Kamen and Co., are a pleasure to work with. Their services run the gamut from opinion letters to full blown appraisals, financial analysis for either the buyer or the seller. You want their expertise on your side in a transaction.

Alice Berman, Publisher 5/26/05

We have just concluded the successful sale of my Skater’s Edge Sourcebook business through Kevin’s services. He has been a delight to work with, and I hope to stay in touch with him in the future.

I found the appraisal that Kevin and his associates did of my business to be accurate and reasonable. The assessed value was not overly optimistic, nor was it set too low. He was able to attract the attention of a number of potentially interested buyers, and eventually matched me up with just the right company. The sale was just concluded on Tuesday of this week, and I’m delighted with the results.

The appraisal took around 2 to 2 1/2 months to complete, and finding the right buyer took 5 months. It took us roughly a month to negotiate and close the deal. Kevin is a straight shooter – I found that I could believe what he said, and that he did what he said he would. He has been honest about what he thought and felt throughout the entire process – something I find very refreshing.

If I am ever in need of similar services in the future, Kevin would be the first person I would call.

Alice Berman, Publisher 5/20/05

Hi Kevin.

Talty and I just had a nice chat, and things are all worked out. I will be sending him via Federal Express two signed and notarized copies of the document today (after I visit a notary public!). He will sign it on Monday, and Fed Ex one signed copy and a check back to me on Monday, for receipt on Tuesday.

Thanks so much for putting us together on this deal. I think it works out well for all concerned. It has been a pleasure working with you – and with Talty.

Jennifer Keegan, Publisher 2/9/05


A lot of good suggestions especially the sponsorships and new sections. We are going to try to implement a few of these things every selling round. Thanks!

Alice Berman, Publisher  11/24/04

The appraisal looks good, and I think the asking price is a reasonable one. Your folks did a good job and have made some good suggestions

Kathy McNall, Publisher 10/10/04

Gary and I are so honored actually that you are working with us. I know we are a small sale for you and having your expertise and guidance means the world to us.Have a good day and thank you.Kathy

Hilbert Morales, 10/08/04

Dear Kevin B. Kamen,
The package was received on October 1, 2004. A stockholders meeting will be held to define and obtain consensus for the next steps. Thanks for the good work on our behalf. Best regards, Hilbert Morales

Kathy McNall, Publisher 7/13/04

Hello Kevin,
Thank you very much for the professional appraisal of our newspaper. We are quite pleased with your services and agree with your appraisal figure.

Sterling S. Bader, 8/20/04

Kevin: Your evaluation and especially your recommendations for improving the publication are some of the very best I’ve read by a broker. I have been in publishing on the editorial side for more than 30 years and have come across few people with your depth of understanding. Many publishers wouldn’t be selling their publications if they had your advice when they were starting out. Of course that wouldn’t help you build your inventory of for-sale pubs. If you aren’t already doing so, Kevin, you should be offering evaluations to publishers who want to improve/reposition, not sell, their properties.

Teresa Hairston, Publisher: 6/22/04

Kevin, I read the document and enjoyed it very much. It is clear that you and your staff worked hard to make it a thorough and professional presentation.