Kamen Future Outlook 2022

The average 30 year mortgage rate in the US is 7.06% and the inflation rate is 8.26%. These numbers are high and reflect a difficult time ahead for many. Hurricane Ian will not do anything but further weaken our fragile economy over the next 6-12 months. Interest rates will continue to rise. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will see to it that borrowing costs more as the Feds seek to curb spending and halt out of control inflation. Food, transportation, energy, housing, building supplies, home goods, appliances and even college tuition have all become too expensive and something must be done to realign the financial settings within our country. Powell knows this and will continue to force change. Be prepared! Work the edges of your business now and objectively shape and prepare for tomorrow. Work with your staff to refine and better define your overall strategy.

I see good times ahead for the multi-media trade. Advertising is up year over year at newspapers and magazines. Events are happening and contributing towards growing the bottom line. The cost of paper because of environmental, political and financial conditions both in Canada and the United States has gotten out of control but investing in media now makes sense. Many are rebuilding their business marketing programs and know that they need to advertise after Covid. Leaders of companies seek to regroup and restructure and in doing so will find a need to create ambitious print, digital and event-based offerings for their clientele. Think out of the box. Podcasts, cable television, symposiums, data driven programs, social media platforms and events will all contribute towards helping to bring about positive change at your company provided you have an open mind, drive and creativity. Run a equitable and balanced operation. Your staff matters. Treat them with respect. Never stop analyzing and keep a close look at your bottom line.

This is now the 4th quarter of 2022 and the landscape for building success has taken a dramatic hit with Hurricane Ian. Be sensible and sensitive when it comes to others and treating people decently. Be caring and helpful; lend support to others in need. Invest in affordable acquisitions if able to do so. Keep a close eye on new upstarts and all competition.

At Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC we are here for you. Reach out and let us know what you require at this time. In a matter of seconds the table could always turn on you and do not forget so. Discover the value of your publishing portfolio now. Understand your total worth in today’s challenging and competitive market.

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